A Montaque Ruffin & Shane Simpson Film

When all is lost and gone and you’re in the midst of deep despair, don’t give up, for there’s always a brighter side around the corner. Puggums is a story about a young orphan boy whose only friends are hopelessness and despair. On Puggums quest to finding a family, he encounters trials and hardships that come with the unforgiving winter. Our thesis is a story of the darkest hours before dawn.


MontaQue Ruffin

Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Character Modeler, Rigger

I am a high-energy and hard-working artist with strong traditional and digital art skills combined with an exceptional work ethic; upbeat and outgoing professional who thrives when collaborating as part of a team. I am quick to learn new skills, and always willing to share knowledge with others. My life’s passion is to bring characters to life through the art and craft of animation and story telling.I am a 2013 graduate and alumni of the School of Visual Arts with my BFA degree in the Computer Art and Animation. For my thesis I directed and completed Puggums a short film about a young orphan boy’s quest to find a family and acceptance despite encountering trials and hardships.

Website and portfolio: http://mqruffin.wix.com/mqruffin
Blog: http://mqruffin.blogspot.com

Shane Simpson

Lighter/Compositor, Rendering, Lead Texture Artist, Character Treatment (Fur)

I am a Manhattan based lighting and effects artist. I’ve been working in the industry for a few years while also attending classes at the School of Visual Arts for Computer Art and Visual Effects. My passions include creating all forms of art, learning a wide variety of subjects, and also being active outside of the computer room; I love to run, break-dance, and skateboard.

Blog: http://shane-simpson.blogspot.com/p/renders.html

Stephanie Lin

Concept Artist, Prop Modeler & Texture Artist

Stephanie Lin is a visual artist who is a senior at the School of Visual Arts majoring in Computer Art. In her spare time, she draws, paints, Zbrush sculpts, and animates.

Blog: http://slinart.tumblr.com

Jack Caron

Lead Environmental Modeler & Texture Artist

Jack Caron is an aspiring 3D modeler who is passionate about character and environmental modeling. He is currently a senior at the School of Visual Arts and is the founder of SVA Zbrush Meet Up Group.

Blog: http://www.jackdanielcaron.com

Anne Yang

Character Clothing Texture Artist

Anne Yang is an illustrator and animator working in digital and traditional media. She is currently a senior at the School of Visual Arts majoring in computer art.

Blog: http://www.ehwhy.com

Justin Coo

Prop Environmental Modeler

Justin Coo is an aspiring 3D modeler and is currently a junior at the School of Visual Arts majoring in computer art and animation.

Reel: https://vimeo.com/64351363

Dan Dickheiser

Modeler, Texture Artist, Zbrush Artist

An upcoming Zbrush prodigy aka: Danny-Damage, Danny-Devoted, Danny-Delightful and Danny-Divine! He’s currently a sophomore at the School of Visual Arts and is pursuing his BFA in the Computer Art/Animation department.

Blog: http://www.jackdanielcaron.com

Michelle Li

Rigging and Modeling

An extraordinary being who’s passionate about all aspects of the CG pipeline. Michelle is a 3D generalist who’s currently a senior at the School of Visual Arts, and will soon produce her short film in the spring of 2014!

Russ Howard III

Music Composer

Russ is a Los Angeles based composer for multi-media.

Recent credits include the genre hit Recent credits include the genre hit Hobo With A Shotgun, popular Christmas TV movies: Naughty or Nice and Holiday High School Reunion, the chart-topping European dance film-Body Language, and many more. He has provided original music for TV shows like Dollhouse,Teen Wolf, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Burn Notice, andMoonlight. For video games, Howard was part of the scoring teams who scored the games Sims 3, Sim City Societies, Army of Two, and Monsters vs. Aliens

Website: www.russhoward3.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/russ-howard/sets

Rick Rivera

Sound Designer

Freelance Sound Designer/Audio Engineer. From short film to full length feature, I can create a solution for your sound design needs.

Website: http://riculous.wix.com/sounds

Additional help

Ellen Su – Concept Artist
Ryan Chong – Automobile Modeler



Animation, Director and Writer
MontaQue Ruffin

Thesis Advisor
Brendon Gallagher

Music Composer
Russ Howard III

Sound Designer
Rick Rivers

Lighting, Rendering and Compositing
Shane Simpson

Character Treatment
Shane Simpson (Fur)

Concept Artist
MontaQue Ruffin
Stephanie Lin
Ellen Su

Lead Texture Artist and Effects
Shane Simpson

Lead Environment Modeling
Jack Daniel Caron

Additional Texturing
Jack Daniel Caron
Dan Dickheiser
Anne Yong
Stephanie Lin

MontaQue Ruffin
Michelle Li

Dan Dickheiser
MontaQue Ruffin
Justin Coo
Michelle Li
Stephanie Lin
Ryan Chong

Special Thanks
John McIntosh
Aaron McGriff
Patrick Walsh
Andrew Boccia
Dan Dickheiser
Kyle Dagrosa
Justin Kim
Brain Frey
Imara Moore
Sarah Schuerhoff
Jimmy Calhoun
Brendan Gallagher
Stuart Cudltiz
James Dick
Eric Eiser
Raymond Ross
Vic Fina
Eliza Iranos
Richard Hagen
Damon Dixon
Moes Cafe
Boaz Livny
Michael Altman
Sande Scoredos
Ken Maruyama
Sony Pictures IPAX Committee

The Ruffin, Wiley, Simpson and Hamilton Family